Jan. 6th, 2009

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Was walking without contacts(needed to wear sunglasses though) , so things are a bit blurry. Its amazing the things you still see and hear.
  • From a kid by the pond to older sibling - Kate! I just put my shoe in the water and its sinking!  - That one had the Mum running.
  • The wonky lines of the boardwalk over the pond, together with the lines of the reeds. Must take my camera one day.
  • The ducks moving out of my way - rather quickly, I wonder if I was protecting 'I don't like duck' vibes
  • The joy of finding a new path, plus a hidden picnic table, must remember that is there, might be useful
  • Walking in the sun, just enjoying being there
  • The gorgeous purple of the agapanthus (although a weed) right in the middle of the park of shrubs, grass lawns and mature trees.
  • The older couple playing badminton on the lawn, not saying a word - although neither are very good.
  • The yelling from the local gym - is the instructor, urging everyone on (yesterday I thought it was a fighting couple - was on the lookout for them)
  • The neatly stacked and packed railway sleepers, ready for moving somewhere. Better than the pile they were in when I left for holiday.
  • The huge pile of gravel taken from under the sleepers. Much taller then a truck - how did they get it there that high?
  • Going home and remembering all this interesting stuff (maybe only to me) and feeling good to have appreciated the world around me.


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