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For some strange reason I was cruising on the local councils website and found a list of bridges that have been built recently - and they are quite nice. Decided to visit a couple....


One is just down the road from me, but i never knew it was there. I part of a whole walkway area. Rather nice.

Heres the guff from the website....
This is a principle of the eco city, where utility does not have to be ugly; where beauty does not have to be costly.The design concept sprang from the creek name, Rewarewa. The bridge form is based on the twisted triangular canoe form and of the Rewarewa seedpod. The flower provided the motifs for balusters, light standards, and lights. The strong visual impact of the bridge enhances the creek experience, providing views of the creek. It has resulted in a planting programme of Rewarewa trees and other native species along the adjacent banks. It has also focused attention on the stream, not as a backwater, but a valuable urban feature.

View from the road. One path goes to the left and is part of the walkway along the creek

View from the other side.

Is a nice walk from the mall and cuts straght across to Rata St and the housing areas.

Nice huh?

Didn't end up at the others - will save them. Also my camera was flat - forgot to recharge after hol prog.

But was wandering my way home, stopped off at a fabric shop or two, aimlessly driving. Ended up near this one. Is just a walkway so almost didn't stop and WOW has Glen eden ever changed since I was last there. Is full of junky shops and very run down. Good parking though.

Running down the length of the covered ramp that links the main shops to the back street, are hand crafted native trees and hidden away in the stream running under the walkway are a number of creatures, each one with its own unique character. The glass roof of the walkway is formed from railway tracks and the adjoining walls carry large copper plaques with historic images of early Glen Eden. Weta in the tree

Didn't see the weta but it was quite nice! Would like to have had my new camera here. Was a bit rough.

Looking forward to seeing the one out at Piha - that one looks cool.

Who knew I could get excited about bridges?


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