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I admit I am very bored. Feeling very posty as a result. Not sure it is interesting or even coherant. But off I go.... 

Went for a walk this morning. This is the first time I have done anything in ages. Is my 'I'm tired of being sick and going to do something about it' thing. I didn't last long but glad I did something.

Was freezing cold but not raining - very surprising. Was so windy that gusts kept blowing my headphones out of my ears. Gave up on the music after a bit. Sunk into my thoughts instead.

Took a turn (huh love that phrase) through my favourite park. After my recent 'learning' from the council website I had fresh eyes when wandering through. Although only my cellphone to record this momentous moment.

From the website... From 1902, the Manawa Wetland site was a clay pit used by brickworks company Gardner Brothers and Parker. Once the supply of clay from the pit was exhausted, Crown Lynn used the site as a dumping ground for reject pottery. Some of the fragments of pottery that are imbedded in the soil have been collected to make mosaics for the pathways.
The creek level was up high, much more interesting than normal. And I finally noticed the mosaics on the paths. Found one I liked - then of course found much better ones.

I thought this was my fav until I saw the next one. Imagine finding enough of the same type of plates and pottery to make these sorts of things. Very clever idea of using what was a waste product. And just pretty too! 

Not sure how well you can see this one. But I recognise the plates in the middle of this one. Is from a dessert set we had at home. Was brown with ridges around the outside of the bowl. That was freaky.
This one was also special to me because of the hol prog I have just done. The Friday topic was God is our King. I had a picture something like this one as my prompt for the day. I wasn't feeling well as I was walking but seeing this made me feel better. Silly reason but it was the image of the kids in their crowns as princes and princesses in God's family, that was rather cool.

Funny this was the next one. When we did mosaics I had originally planned to do it with triangular pieces of card. Did a sample of this picture. A palm tree in the dessert. When a 11 year had a go at doing the triangles she found it too hard. Figured it wouldn't be any good for 5 year olds then. Especially on limited time to scrapped that idea and played it plain. Was a pity, I would have been interested in what they could have done with them.

Not sure if I have this one upside down? Isn't it cute?

They are also extending the walkway onto the otherside of the outlet of the creek. A new walkway has been built and it looks like it is almost ready.
The clearing is planted out and won't take long before it fills in.

Obviously the mosaics have run out in this new part. Instead of pretty pictures we get storm water drains instead. I guess beauty truely is in the eye of the beholder

Will try and see if I can get a few more of the mosaics as I keep going for walks (saying that to convince myself to go)

Final thought of the day. Why are ducks in West Auckland suicidal?
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