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I admit to having some strange conversations.

But my favourite type of conversation is one where there is a question in it, that you can go away with, still pondering.

This sort of question usually is one I then ask everyone I meet. Or I do a group text and see what others think.

At work for the kids, we decorate the walls with pictures - animals, plants, posters, cartoons, flowers and all sorts of things. I asked the other day what else they would like. The request was for more manly animals. 

What is a manly animal???

We agreed on sharks and gorillas. Turtles were ok - but then........ A Unicorn????

Has a big horn?? Only argument I had for it. But the image in my head was of a my little pony trotting around being sweet.

So anyway, here are a couple of the new 'manly' picutres for the wall


Mar. 20th, 2009 08:00 am
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Went through a police check point yesterday. They were checking drivers licences.
They gave no clue as you waited in line that you were going to need it. So you had to hurry once it was your turn.

I don't know about where yours is, but I had to hurriedly scramble through my bag that was on the floor of the passengers side to find mine. What would have happened if I kept it in my pocket? Its really hard to get out with belt and pockets and sitting!

What if my bag had been in the boot? (trunk, for you americans)

Would they have pulled me over to the side to check it?

What were they looking for??


Mar. 17th, 2009 03:13 pm
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Do you have annoying bugs or insects?

I currently have problems with little natty things. Bit like fruit flies. Smaller than a flying ant. But they have for some unknown reason decided that the corner of my bathroom is the place to go and die.

Every morning there is a little pile of their little black bodies I have to clean up. No where else in my flat - just the corner of the bathroom. Guess that makes them rather tidy and convenient. But still!!


Mar. 2nd, 2009 08:59 am
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Just got this incredibly mysterious email from my brother....

Birthday Gift
We have come up with a memorable gift for you, but it requires you to have some time available on Monday 16 March.
Details to follow

I don't know about how you would react - but I'm freaking out! Excited, but......


Feb. 27th, 2009 02:29 pm
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My 30th birthday is at the end of the month. I admit to stressing about it since last year. Not about the date or the number, I couldn't care less about that. It is the pressure to have a party and it has been strong. But havn't wanted one. Didn't think I could get away with not doing much (I have a pushy family). Money is an issue, and the fact I strongly dislike parties. And it is the end of an incredibly long and busy month and I want something I can enjoy if not feeling too well.

So........I had a bright idea.

How about a car rally/scavenger hunt. We can end up somewhere for dinner. I have a couple of people interested in planning a stage. Split the neices and nephew up, and head off and have fun. Doesn't matter how many people I invite. The object is fun!

I feel so free! The pressure to do something has been horrible. I don't care if it was just me pressuring myself. It wasn't a fun thing.

Now I need ideas of where we want to go and what we need to find. Will be a photo one. I like cameras and I want the mad photos. I am a visual person, I want these memories.
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I found another photo.... I'm the baby. My little sister wasn't born yet. Actually she was still 2 years away.
Has 3 of my sisters, my 2 brothers, my cousin, Dad and Grandmother.
My biggest (won't say oldest) sisters birthday. Amazing to see Dad with hair!
I was like a big doll that they used to take turns carrying around. Also loved to just sit and watch what was going on around me. Complete opposite to my little sister, who always wants to be in the middle of things.

I'm enjoying this little wander through the old photos - terrible colours, horrible fabrics and haircuts and very hard to recognise people. Will see what else I can find.
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I think I am getting paranoid.

Everything I hear more than 2 sets of sirens I am tempted to hop on the net to find out what is happening outside. Who are they chasing this time??

So far have done it twice and the first time was that guy on the motorway. Second time was nothing - thank goodness.
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This comes under the memories file!

Found the pics from when I went before. Martin would have finished 7th form, Geraldine wasn't yet 5, and I had my first of four broken arms. Mum was taking the pics. You can see Martin telling her how to use the camera in one photo - the photos now are usually me doing that.

Went across on the Ferry to Devonport, no torch - there is a message on the photos that 'it was very dark'!!

Had a picnic from memory and was a big summer trip


Feb. 16th, 2009 08:22 pm
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Found out the other day that someone was killed on Friday. Going across a pedestrian crossing I use most days. I also drive that way several times a day.

Always thought it was dangerous. But feeling really bad for the people and families of those involved. Guess will find out more later. Might check the herald site. Should have some more details on there.

But wow. Life can be very unexpected.
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Look at the sun today! It was a horrible day on Saturday, pouring down with rain. Cold and a bit of a shock to the system.

Went racing, very messy day! By the third race, there were already 4 crashes. Everyone fine but a few frayed nerves around the track officials. Havn't seen a day like that in awhile. Been complaining about the heat lately. Had to borrow a jacket and some wet weather gear for John on Start Line. Very dayglow they were too....

 Start and Finish.....

But what a brilliant day. Everyone got soaked and at the end of the day we just wanted to get dry. So ice cream postponed until next time.

Great classes (super minis of course my favs). Great team working together. 
Facinating to hear some of the political stuff going on with the Hamilton 400. A few tempers frayed already. Its not until April. My application is in. Will find out in next few days if I am doing it. No place is guarenteed. Even the Chief Flag from last year (and the previous 7 years) has to apply as a flag marshall.

Grabbed indian instead of going for icecream and relaxed. In many ways much nicer.


Feb. 11th, 2009 04:55 pm
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Saturday is going to be a great day. Heading racing. 10 full grid with variety of classes. Last time the same lot was out there were over $7000 worth of fines given out. That is unheard of!

Getting picked up and heading to Pokeno for ice cream. They apparently have huge and very good ones there. Yum.

Here's my confession..... I had to search on wises to find out where Pokeno was. I knew the name but couldn't place it or figure out where in the country I had heard it.

Will report back on state of dairy desserts in Pokeno later!
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I am a list person. I accept it. I roll with it. I don't try and hide it and I definatly take advantage of it.

So I started writing down the things I actually wanted to do I quite surprised myself with what I came up with.

Some of it is silly stuff that just never happened because I was too sick to do it. But its about time I worked up the enthusiasm to get on with it.

So I got started over the weekend and one thing is now crossed off. Going to journal some of the list. Not all, some are too silly to share, even here.

Go to North head and explore the tunnels

The actually entry is back here - if you really are interested.... )
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Was walking without contacts(needed to wear sunglasses though) , so things are a bit blurry. Its amazing the things you still see and hear.
  • From a kid by the pond to older sibling - Kate! I just put my shoe in the water and its sinking!  - That one had the Mum running.
  • The wonky lines of the boardwalk over the pond, together with the lines of the reeds. Must take my camera one day.
  • The ducks moving out of my way - rather quickly, I wonder if I was protecting 'I don't like duck' vibes
  • The joy of finding a new path, plus a hidden picnic table, must remember that is there, might be useful
  • Walking in the sun, just enjoying being there
  • The gorgeous purple of the agapanthus (although a weed) right in the middle of the park of shrubs, grass lawns and mature trees.
  • The older couple playing badminton on the lawn, not saying a word - although neither are very good.
  • The yelling from the local gym - is the instructor, urging everyone on (yesterday I thought it was a fighting couple - was on the lookout for them)
  • The neatly stacked and packed railway sleepers, ready for moving somewhere. Better than the pile they were in when I left for holiday.
  • The huge pile of gravel taken from under the sleepers. Much taller then a truck - how did they get it there that high?
  • Going home and remembering all this interesting stuff (maybe only to me) and feeling good to have appreciated the world around me.


Dec. 30th, 2008 04:37 pm
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It was a good one - different than any before. Sometime I wish i wrote a diary.  This will have to do.

Read more... )

But, before I rambled on - the actual Christmas bit was really nice. A family type service at 6pm, the traditional one at 11pm and the family celebration on Christmas morning. I was technically only working for the family one, playing for the other two. It was a busy day with pulling chairs around, setting it up and finding the last of the people to do it. (People are incredibly hard to pin down that time of year). I fell back on my list making in the afternoon (well it was another list, one of many of the month) carefully written on was to have a nap!
Read some more?... )
Giving of gifts - Do you give something in expectation of what you will receive? I don't, I carefully think out my gifts - often not expensive but more meaningful. I guess learning that about you takes time. I am always surprised when people are generous. And very lucky when they are!

Will do holiday in separate post.....
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Calm before the storm - had the weekend off! Yay!

Babysat on Friday night. Lots of hugs and a fun time with the kids. Didn't quite make it home - so did the supposed walk of shame home the next morning - it feels like that - even if I know the night before was perfectly innocent.

A great day, uploaded 3 folders of pictures - relived the aussie v8's through photos - the Moving adventures and the parade. Rather enjoyed myself.

Gonna say this here - can't pin anyone down long enought to tell them all this.... Was going on a drive in the afternoon sometime. John picked me up and only clue I had to where we were going was him saying 'no heels'  as we were heading for the door. mmmm What on earth was I letting myself in for. I have a very active imagination and no clues were coming my way - and I admit I did try and get some.

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Sunday was a gentle can go to church because I want to - rather than have to. As it happens, I still stayed for both to do a notice for the next day at Powley. Lunch with parents and a relaxing evening. Santa Clause - now in defiantly Christmas mood! Not that I havn't been since I started it at beginning of Nov - but that is a long time to keep up the enthusiasm.

Looking forward to the next few days.
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Decided not to double post on several sites so......

Have uploaded new photos onto my photo website


Apologies for the spelling - a little tired after baby sitting yesterday. I'm not made for late nights anymore. Hugs make it worth it though.


Dec. 15th, 2008 09:18 pm
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Now that I am in my new place have finally felt free enough to do some baking. Recipe books are still buried in the box desk, the pile at the back holding up the screen....

So had to wing it......

Turned out OK actually, even with my slightly hazy memory of ingredients and quantities. Made old favourites today. Pink icing biscuits - Yum. Just like mum used to make. Wonder what else I can remember her making. This could be interesting!

I did it!!

Dec. 11th, 2008 02:46 pm
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After approx 4 years driving (I was a late starter) All that time spent avoiding differcult parking places and walking miles out of the way to avoid parallel parking, I finally decided its about time I learnt....

I did it. It wasn't any worse than anyone else in the street - admittedly the standard isn't very high.... But I did it

Gas Leak

Dec. 9th, 2008 05:57 pm
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Just when you think it is safe to relax (and I really really needed to) things happen!

Day off after full on weekend (details to follow with pics in different post - cos I can!) hearing lots of sirens. Thinking I'm just sensitive to sounds at the moment.... eating toast on the top deck watching some fire guys wander around lots of workmen standing around. Thinking, there is a really bad pong (and I have had a shower) Wonder what is going on.

Fire guy goes wandering into neighbouring childcare centre - no one suddenly starts rushing out. Not worried - just curious. He goes wandering up to apartments up ROW in front of me. Still not worried - was thinking 'this is bloody good toast - quince jam - yum! What is that smell??'
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Dec. 1st, 2008 05:56 pm
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Been a bit of a busy week. Was given notice on Wed, found a place by Friday, moved on Tuesday, with alot of packing in between. Was back at old place on Thursday to clean and give back key. All over in just over a week.

Was a quick event, 2 and 1/2 hours. All my boxes, furniture and plants (I have a few....) Huge thanks to my brother. Could not have done it without him.

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