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This is the event I went to on Sunday..
Here's the blurb...
Sunday 31 May 2009. Britomart.
City Scramble takes the hugely popular sport of Off Road Enduro riding to a unique urban setting in downtown Auckland. Bringing a sport which previously distanced the spectator by remote rural locations, to an intense crowd packed inner city arena.
This event is the brainchild of our sponsored Endoro rider Chris Birch.
The course will feature elements that have never been seen before anywhere, plus all the obstacles that make Endurocross such an intense sport such as logs, rocks and water. City Scramble will be tight aggressive racing that will let the best Enduro riders in New Zealand and the rest of the world show off their skills.
Red Bull City Scramble will invite stars of the international Enduro circuit to line up against our best national riders. Unlike traditional long Enduro events, racing on the day will be in Supercross format with heats, semi's and a grand final.
City Scramble is a unique and innovative event that will bring Auckland City alive.
Spectactor entry is free, just rock on up.
Here to view the course animation.

I heard about the event from my friend John who is a mate of Chris. Chris is someone I have done a housesit for. While he was in Romania riding in the Romanicacs - a huge international event that he got third in.

This was the first time it was done and was a great event. I have never been to a bike event only ever been to cars and always been involved in it.  Was right next to the main transport centre called Britomart - normally a car park I think.
My sister picked me up from work and we headed in. Met up with John who was doing start line/Race control. And had been involved in the set up and after that the pack up. (They finished packing up Monday afternoon) Was a busy thriving time with about 10,000+ people going. The weather held off, which was great, until the prizegiving at the end.

The news coverage was really good - had a great thing of the set up - cant remember what it is called - stop action??

This is our fantastic spectator spot - right by the tires and in full view of 3 ramps, the 'death wall', riverhead (the rocks, named after where they got them from). Stayed there for the quarter finals then moved. There are alot of tall people at these events. I'm not short - but you had to get a good spot.
This is before they started our full view
 (John in the middle, taking Simon around to take pictures)
The tires look easy - they arn't!
Same with the logs, felled 2 days ago. Still with sticky sap.

The is the 1st and 2nd people. This was a pass!

Through 2 skips full of rocks and water. Many got stuck. The officials are allowed to help them out of tight corners. The bikes are very heavy and the riders are really tired.

1st and 2nd on the wall.

Over the ramp to start line. Spectators can walk under the ramp - tip: they land with a bump and if you are under it and forget that - its quite shocking.

Come on - you can do it - pick it up....

Here is the ramp they cross, then the logs, into the skips then the rocks - 5 laps

It looks real easy until they get it wrong - then it is obvious that it is a highly skilled event

Team meeting - That John crouched down. We were in the stands now for the final. Waiting for the 'staff' to clean up the track ready for it. I have my eye on the shirts for my family service coming up - it will be orange day. Perfect!!

Lining up for the final
The media scrum for the prizegiving. 

Started to rain and was freezing cold. Waited a bit to catch John and get showed around the course. Climbed to the top of the ramps - they are taller than they look.
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