Apr. 2nd, 2009


Apr. 2nd, 2009 03:56 pm
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Never prune when in a funny mood - especially frustrated or upset.

There are a few times I should have listened to this little rule. Yesterday was one of them.

I am now the proud owner of a large bush of stalks. Just as well I didn't like it and don't really care if it doesn't regrow. Ugly thing, Worth killing in my books. More light to the things under it. Could plant some more stuff. Yay! Should do this more often!

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Just come back from an officials briefing for the Hamilton 400, Aussie v8 Supercar street race on in two weeks!

Got uniform and passes. It really going to be happening. Very much looking forward to it. Just got to get through this weekends Worship INC (family services) and Easter and it is time.

Horrible start times as expected. 615 sign in. But we had to be at race control at 6.30 last time so that isn't too bad. They are providing breakfast but no lunches (well two bottles of water and a piece of fruit!) but won't be able to have the breakfast because those in race control and other tasks for set up will be already busy.

Funny set up from the organisational side. But will wait and see how it goes. In some ways not sure why they played with a format that basically worked well last year.

Hear the grandstands have been redesigned. Was funny watching the mexican wave every time a car went passed last year. Imagine a grandstand where you couldn't see the track sitting down - funny......, and huge disaster.

Not sure I will get my camera sorted by then. Would be good to have it. Even if we are banned from using them while on duty.


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